The Effect Of Organic Manuring And Phosphorus On Growth And Forage Yield Of Lablab Bean (Lablab Purpureus (L.) Sweet)

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Al-Gadi, Samah Ahmed Sidahmed Ibrahim
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An experiment was carried out for one season in March (2005) in the Experimental Farm of the Faculty of Agriculture at Shambat to investigate the response of Lablab bean (Lablab purpureus (L.) Sweet) to organic manuring and phosphorus. The treatments comprised two types of fresh organic manure: farmyard manure (FYM) and chicken manure (CHM) at rates of (10 and 5 t/ha) respectively, and three phosphorus levels (0, 50, 100 P2O5 kg/ha) in the form of triple super phosphate (48% P2O5). Organic manures were broadcasted before sowing (about one month from sowing) and the land was given three irrigations. The super phosphate fertilizer was applied at sowing. The design was Split-plot design with four replications. The organic manure treatments were assigned to the main plots and phosphorus treatments to the sub plots. Parameters studied included: 1. Vegetative Parameters: • Number of branches/plant. • Shoot and root fresh weight/plant. (g) • Shoot and root dry weight/plant. (g) • Number of nodules/plant. • Dry weight of nodules/plant. (g) 2. Yield Parameters • Fresh forage yield (t/ha). • Dry forage yield (t/ha). 3. Plant chemical composition: • Leaf nitrogen content. (%) • Leaf phosphorus content. (%) 4. Soil chemical characteristics before and after the experiment had been grown: • The moisture saturation percentage. (%) • The soil pH. • The electrical conductivity (ECe). (mmohs/cm) • The percentage of Ca +Mg. (meq/L) • Soil sodium content. (meq/L) • Sodium adsorption ratio (SAR). Results showed that application of organic manures and phosphorus increased all the studied growth and forage yield parameters but the increase was significant in some parameters (number of branches/plant, shoot fresh and dry weight, root fresh and dry weight, yield fresh weight, and some soil characteristics) and not significant in others.
Lablab Bean (Lablab Purpureus (L.)
University of khartoum