Shear In R.C Deep Beams

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Osman, Bashir Habeeb Alla
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Deep beams are structural members loaded as ordinary beams, but they have smaller effective span to depth ratio ( /d). The ACI code, Europe code and CIRIA GUIDE have provisions for design of deep beams in shear. The main goal for both experimental and analytical work was to study the influence of horizontal reinforcement on crack and deflection behavior of deep beams with various ( /d) ratios and also to study the strength parameters such as, first crack load, the ultimate failure load, deflection at first crack load, deflection at ultimate load and mode of failure. This objective has been achieved using models of experimental works that 6 deep beams were tested with different shear span to depth ratio. Prokon software program was used to analyze the results which were compared with the experimental results obtained from the tested beams and with the recommended formulae by CIRIA guide and Europe code. The results were very close. It was evident from tests that the presence of V horizontal reinforcement increased ultimate shear. and the ultimate strength decreased with increasing /d ratio in all beams tested.
Shear ,R.C Deep,Beams