Effect of Season on the Immunity of Newly Hatched Broiler Chicks Reared in Arid-Hot Climate

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المعتمد, اسامه
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This study was conducted to investigate the effect of the environmental temperature on the immune response of exotic broiler chicks reared in arid-hot climate zone (the Sudan). Twenty eight broiler chicks (Lohman) were challenged with 1 mL of 10% sheep red blood cells suspension (10% SRBCs) at day 2 and day 13 during summer (June) and winter (January) seasons. At day 13 and day 20 sera were harvested and subjected to hemagglutm. ation test to measure antibody titers against 10% SRBCs for primary and secondary immune response, respectively. In winter season the antibody titers (GMT) against 10% SRBCs for the secondary immune response was so high compared to that in summer season. Nevertheless, the antibody titers for primary immune response during win. ter and summer seasons were, somehow, identical although it was a little bit higher during winter season. The weights of the lymphoid organs (spleen, thymus and bursa of Fabricius) were significantly higher in. the winter season compared to summer season irrespective of the age.
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Broiler chicks, seasons, immune response, lymphoid organs, body weight