Host Range, Behaviour, Natural Enemies and Control of the Acacia Bagworm (Auchmophila Kordofensis Rebele) In North Kordofan (Sudan)

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Mahmoud, Mohammed Elnazeir Elfadil
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The Acacia bagworm, Auchmophila kordofensis Rebel, is a serious defoliator of Acacia nubica. This study was carried out in north Kordofan in 2004 to investigate the host range of the bagworm, its behavior, its control by environmentally safe products and its natural enemies and their role as control agents. From sixteen plant species only Laot, Acacia nubica , and Seyal, Acacia tortilis formed the main source of food. The insect preferred A.nubica to all other options, the feeding on A. senegal was negligible. The parasitoids found in association wih the acacia bagworm were Tachina ebneri Villineuve, Eurytoma spp, Goryphus nursei Cameron, Brachymeria sp. and three other unidentified hymenopterous species. The parasitism mean percent by Tachina ebneri and Eurytoma spp reached 24.5 %. Predation by ants, mainly Messor galla and Catalyphus bicolor, reached 23% . Also several spiders were found preying on the bagworm. In both the laboratory and field control experiments Dipel® DF,Bacillus thurengensis Kurstaki, was effective in controlling the bagworm, while Agerin® ,Bacillus thuringiensis, was ineffective. Spinosad, a metabolite derived from the bacteria Saccharopolyspora spinosa was effective under field conditi
June 2005
Acacia Bagworm