Effect Of Pre–Germination Seed Treatments On Germination Of Four Ficus Tree Species

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Musa, Ammar Abbas Slih
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Two experiments were carried out to study the effect of soaking treatments on seed germination of Ficus benjamina, Ficus altissima, Ficus religiosa, and Ficus benghalensis. Seed were collected from trees in Shambat campus, University of Khartoum. Pre–germination soaking treatments of GA3 (100 p.p.m) for two hours, fresh tomato juice for 24 hours, fermented tomato juice for 24 hours, and hot water (at 60°C) for 10 minutes were used. In the first experiment, Dry seeds, (stored for 6 weeks) and fresh seeds were used. In the second experiment only fresh seeds were used. In the two experiments, no germination occurred for fresh or dried seeds of Ficus benjamina and Ficus altissimo,. Fiucs religiosa. Fresh seeds gave significantly higher germination percentages than dry seeds. The pre –germination treatments had no significant effect on dry and fresh seeds of Fiucs benghalensis and Ficus religiosa. The rate of germination of fresh seeds was significantly higher than the dry seeds of Ficus benghalensis (17.28 for fresh seeds, 15.96 for dry seeds). The results showed no need for pre–germination treatments for fresh seeds of Ficus religiosa and Ficus benghalensis. No effect was registered for Relative humidity or light on germination percentage or germination rate in the two experiments. Temperature ranging between (20–25°C) may had delayed germination and derreased the rate of germination in the second experiment compared to the range (25–30°C) in the first experiment that hastend germiantion and increased the rate of germination.
Feb 2005
Four Ficus