The Impact of Some Formulated Feeds on Growth, Haematlogy, Serochemistry and Histology of Selected Organs of Rabbit

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Mohammed, Amna Taj El Sir Mahjoub
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This work was carried out to study the impact of feeds formulated from vegetables rejects from Khartoum Central Market on the growth, haematology, serochemistry and histology of selected organs of rabbit (Lepus cuniculus). The results showed no significant differences (p> 0.05) in final live body weights in all experimental groups. The vegetable rejects alone were found to be better as a feed than Berseem alone. The best feed conversion ratio was achieved by rations composed of 75% vegetable and 25% Berseem. The results of haematology showed no significant differences (p>0.05) in packed cell volume (PCV) and White Blood Cells (WBC’s). The haemoglobin concentrations (Hb.c) and the red blood cell counts (RBC’s) showed differences ranging from insignificant (p>0.05) to significant (p<0.05) within and between groups. No significant (p>0.05) changes were observed in glucose, levels serum enzymes activities, total protein, albumin, creatinine and urea values. Similarity, serum sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium remained with in normal levels. Histological investigation showed no necrotic or inflammatory lesions in kidneys and livers of all groups. It was concluded that feeding vegetable rejects to rabbits did not cause any adverse effects on carcass weights or haematological and serum biochemical values, and was thus advocator for feeding rabbits
Impact, Formulated Feeds,Growth, Haematlogy, Serochemistry,Histology,Selected,Organs,Rabbit