Tentative Investigations on the Effect of Storage on Cotton Seed.

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Abdel Magid Suliman Abdel Magid, Abdel Magid
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The investigations reported here include measurements on germination percentage, contents of oil, starch, protein, moisture, temperature of cotton seeds during storage from the two varieties under production in the Gezira scheme. The germination percentage of seeds decreased within 16 months of storage and results indicated that the deterioration in viability of seeds was associated with a decline in oil content. During a shorter period of nine months, a drop in germination percentage was only found in seeds placed in positions characterised by high temperatures which fluctuated widely. Germination percentage and protein content decreased linealy with increase in temperature; and germination percentage was correlated with protein content, suggesting that the decline in germination percentage might have been partly brought about by decrease in protein content. Cotton seeds failed completely to germinate at 15° and 45°C. Maximum germination percentages were attained at 30°C. Lower or higher temperatures than 30°C resulted in a drop in the rate and maximum germination percentage. Rates of germination were comparable for the two varieties at different temperatures. Pre-sowing fumigation of cotton seeds with methyl bromide gas decreased maximum emergence percentage of cotton seeds in the field, whilst dressing seeds with mercuric compounds had no effect. During the early stages of seed development rates of accumulation of oil and total drymatter were lower than at later stages; but no critical period of intense oil formation was recorded. There were indications that contents of these two components continued to increase after the stage of boll opening. Rates of mobilization of oil from cotyledons of germinating seeds to embryos were gradual during the period of five days following germination, while those of starch were very rapid during the first day.
Tentative Investigations on the Effect of Storage on Cotton Seed.