Accuracy Of Renal Angiography In Living Donor Kidney Transplantation

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Azmi, Yousif
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University of Khartoum
This study was done to asses the accuracy of renal angiography in the actual living donors renal transplantation ,as compared to operative findings in renal transplant unit–Ahmed Gasim Hospital ,Khartoum North –Sudan. A retrospective hospital data based study. It include (100) donors, males (67) and females (33), done within December 2000- dec.2004. The age ranged between (18-50years), while the majority (20-30 yrs.).The predominant number of donors originates from northern Sudan (50.6%).The 1st degree relationship between donors and recipients (91.8%), mainly brothers (56.4%) and sisters (21.8%) Angiographicaly single renal artery was found in 92 (92%) in right kidney and 85 (85%) in the left. In all donors the length of the renal arteries was found to be normal. Also the caliber of the renal arteries was found angiographicaly normal for donation. Based on angiographic finding the left kidney selected for donation in (84) donors while right in (16) only. After nephrectomy, surgically the donated kidneys was found of a single renal artery in (93.9%) compared to (6.1%) of a double renal artery. Surgically the length of renal arteries of all donated kidneys was found normal. Also the caliber of renal arteries found to be normal surgically. Renal angiography was found very accurate in detecting the single renal artery in the right kidney (100%) while (96%) in the left kidney. Also in case of multiple renal arteries, renal angiography more accurate in right (100%) while (60%) in the left. This in comparison to surgical findings. Accuracy of renal angiography in evaluating the length of the renal artery was (100%) accurate. Also was (100%) in evaluating the caliber of the renal arteries as compared with the surgical findings. Based on the accuracy of renal angiography, it can be used as radiological tools in evaluating the renal blood supply, as well as other organs in human body.
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Accuracy, Renal Angiography , Living, Donor, Kidney ,Transplantation