The Role of NGOs in Participatory Community DevelopmentThe Case of Oxfam and ITDG* in Northern Darfur State(1992 – 2002)

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Bushara; Nawal Abdallah
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University of Khartoum
This research attempts to investigate NGOs contribution to participatory community development (bottom up) that has been adopted by OXFAM, ITDG in North Darfur State. Also the study focuses on analyzing the forms and levels of community participation in the development process. It also seeks to assess the role of local institutions and socio-cultural factors in development. The study has adopted participations approach using informal personal interviews with traditional leaders. This has been supported small sample survey to support quantitative data collected through the participatory method. Informal interviews also conducted with NGOs project coordinators and administrators plus secondary data for books, articles, and reports. The study has concluded that, the project has been successful in mobilizing the target groups to participate in the development activities. Although, there is a considerable gap between participation in theory and practice local community participation was limited to identification of priorities of project activities. However, social animators played an important role in the project area, and raised awareness of the people to participate in the project. Women had been marginalized and their participation is limited. Community participation faced many constraints. These constraints could be summarized in high illiteracy rate among local people especially women and the marginalization of women. Also the people spend much of their time in order to obtain their basic needs and do not have time to participate. Conflict of interests between the government and Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM) is another constraint. Moreover, top –down policies, which the project administration adopted in implementation has resulted in undermining confidence among beneficiaries. The study recommends a number of measures to improve participatory community development. These include among others comprehensive literacy and educational programs, and that the community should participate in planning and implementation of the project to reflect peoples’ needs
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Community Development; Oxfam; Northern Darfur State; Economic; Population