Effect of Sun Drying On the Nutritive Value of Okra (Hibiscus Esculents)

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Musa, Almubark Musa Tibin
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Two lines of Okra (Hibiscus esculentus) were collected to study the effect of sun drying on the nutritive value of Okra.Chemical composition, anti nutritional factors content, in vitro protein digestibility, amino acids and minerals of Fresh and dried okra (hibiscus esculentus) was studied. Result obtained showed that ash, crude protein, crude fiber and oil contents were increased and the moisture was decrease after drying of okra pods. Results obtained for anti nutritional factors showed that phytic acid content of Fresh okra was found to be 33.96 mg/100g and after drying decreased to 33.09 mg/100g, Tannin content of the fresh samples was found to be 74.2 mg/100g and after drying it decreased to 22.55 mg/100g. Polyphenol content of the fresh samples was found to be 706.2 mg/100g and after drying decreased to 553 mg/100g. The protein digestibility of fresh okra was found to be 30.72 % and after drying it was increased to 82.57%. The result of amino acid analysis indicated that okra is a good protein source of essential amino acid Drying was increases this essential amino acid. essential amino acid content of fresh okra was found to be Leucine , Valine , Arginine , Lysine , Isoleucine , Phenylalanine , Threonine , Histidine , Methonine 133.93,121.53, 119.77, 113.06, 90.46, 81.12, 77.57, 76.80, 35.47 mg/100g .respectively . And after drying it was be increased and found to be 574.14, 547.08, 704.26, 346.98, 388.56, 326.28, 295.53, 322.15, 155.15mg/100g. minerals content of fresh okra as found to be 0.069% , 0.26%, 0.36% , 0.57% for Sodium , Phosphorus , Calcium , and Potassium respectively,and after drying it increased to 0.09 %, 0.32%, 0.38%, 0.66% respectively.
Okra (Hibiscus Esculents
University of khartoum