Effect of Castration of Nubian Male Kids on Performance, Carcass Characteristics and Meat Quality

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Manal Yassin, Mohamed
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Twenty male Nubian goat kids were involved in this study to investigate the effect of castration on live animal performance, carcass characteristics and meat quality. The study showed that castration reduced growth rate, live weight gain and feed intake and that entire kids had significantly (P<0.0l) higher slaughter weight. Dressing out percentages was not significantly different between the two sex groups but castrates tended to have higher dressing percent. Non carcass components were not significantly different between the two groups but entire males had slightly higher values. The values of the visceral fat as kidney knob, channel fat, omentum and mesenteric fat were significantly (P<0.05) higher in the castrates. Also the proportions of the various wholesale cuts were not significantly different, except for best end of neck which was significantly heavier in castrates. Entire male kids had significantly (P<0.0l) higher muscle percent than castrates which had significantly (P<0.05) higher fat percentage. Bone percentage was not significantly different. Data for meat chemical composition showed that castration reduced moisture (P<0.05) and protein (p<0.00l) percent and increased (P<0.05) fat percent. Also the chemical composition of meat indicated that sarcoplasmic proteins were significantly (P<0.05) higher in entire males and also the myofibrillar proteins were significantly higher (P<0.0l) in entire than in castrated male kids. Meat quality attributes indicated that there were no significant differences between the meat samples from the two sex groups, but castrates tended to have slightly more tender and juicier meat. Male taint was slightly present in the meat of entire but was not significantly different between the two groups as care was taken to avoid contamination of the carcass with the hairy layer of the skin.
Castration,Nubian Male Kids, Performance, Carcass ,Characteristics,Meat Quality