Yield and Sensory Evaluation of the Processed Cheese from Sudanese White Cheese

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ElYas, Ibtisam
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Trails for manufacturing the processed cheese from the Sudanese white cheese is done during this study. The processed cheese was made from Sudanese white cheese with different ripening time (15 days and 30 days) from milk with different fat present (2.2% and 4.4%). At time of processing the processed cheese was packed into two types of packaging (glass and plastic) and stored at 4° C for 3 months. The yield of the processed cheese and the Sudanese white cheese made out of it from 4.4 fat % of milk after 15 and 30 days ripening were 2.850 Kg and 1.75 Kg and 2.750 Kg and 1.50 Kg respectively, while that made from 2.2 fat % yielded 2.0 Kg and 1.25 Kg and 2.0 Kg and 1.2 Kg, respectively. On other hand as judged by the panelists the colour, taste, flavour, texture and saltiness of the processed cheese showed noticeable changes during storage period. The processed cheese made from Sudanese white cheese after 15 days ripening was more stable and acceptable. Also glass packaging was more acceptable compared to plastic packaging (70% and 30%, respectively). The overall acceptability showed that the processed cheese made from white Sudanese cheese after 15 days ripening from milk with 2.2 fat % was the best of the cheese tried (4.4%). Hence, the present study concluded that the Sudanese white cheese could be further reprocessed to obtain the processed Sudanese cheese.
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Sudanese white cheese, processed cheese, yield, sensory evaluation, storage, ripening, packaging