Restartability of Sudanese Nile Blend Crude Oil

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Mazin,M. E. Abuharaz
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University of Khartoum
The Restartability of the Sudanese Nile Blend crude oil inside pipeline was discussed to understand the parameters determining the yield stress and describe the process of yielding up to final line clearing. A Restart Rig model was used due to the small amount of sample, facilities available to precisely follow the cooling profile up to ten days, and the temperature range suitable for Nile Blend treatment. The shear rate levels investigated were ten. Tens of tests were performed at suitable repeatability. The yield stress of the Nile blend was found to be affected significantly by the aging time through the first three days and the static cooling rate after shutdown. Other less significant factors were the initial shear rate at restart and the final temperature after shutdown. The Nile blend was characterized by using different Yield stress models according to the type of cooling and the testing temperature.
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Nile Blend Crude;Oil; Kordofan state;loop;pipe;computer; hydrocarbons;