Preliminary Investigation in the Potentialities of the Ornamental Plant Lantana Camara L. (Family: Verbenaceae) Against Selected Store Pests

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Muna Abd Alrhman, Azrag
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Potentialities of the ornamental plant Lantana camara L. (family: verbeneaceae) were investigated in laboratory experiment using the powder, aqueous and organic extract in different concentration against the faba bean beetle Bruciius incarnatus (Boh) and the Khapra beetle larvae Trogoderma granarium (Everst). Evaluation was based on the lethal activity and the effect on the insect developments. Study on the effectiveness of Lantana (leaves and flowers) three forms at concentration 1.5%, 3% and 6% showed toxic activities against the adults of faba bean beetle, mortality increased progressively with the increase of concentration. The test of different treatments reduced ovipostion adult emergency and prolonged development of the 3rd instar larvae of Khapra beetle and faba bean beetle and generally reduced seeds damage. The volatile oil of Lantana leaves were proved to be a potent killers against the 3rd instar larvae of Trogoderma granarium over the various exposure periods 24, 48, 72 and 144 hrs, the admixed of Lantana leaves in from whole fresh unchangeable leaves, whole fresh weekly changeable leaves and dry found to be effective in reduction of the T. granarium adult emergence in the following order: whole fresh weekly changeable leaves, whole fresh unchangeable leaves at last the dry leaves.
Preliminary Investigation Potentialities Ornamental Plant Lantana Camara