Competitiveness of Mango Fruit Exports

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Mohammed, Saneia
Ahmed Al-feel, Mohamed
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University of Khartoum
This study was intended to determine the problems facing Sudanese mango fruit exports. It concentrated on mango exports competitiveness in international markets and on the main economic factors affecting this competitiveness. Primary data were collected by interviewing mango producers and exporters in Abu Halima village (East Nile Locality, Khartoum State) and the Khartoum central market, during 2005-2012 seasons. Secondary data were obtained from different relevant sources. The data were analyzed by descriptive statistics and policy analysis matrix. This provided access to estimate the private and economic profitability of mango exports in the Sudan and to determine the effects of taxation policies. The results revealed that mango is highly competitive in foreign markets, and the government policies highly taxed mango crop throughout the study period (2005-2012). The Domestic Resource Cost (DRC), Coefficient of International Competitiveness (CIC) and International Value Added indicators were used to determine the competitiveness of mango exports and found to be about 0.02, 0.04 and 8237 US$, respectively, in season 2012. For improvement of mango exports, the study recommended the removal of export constraints, e.g. reducing the government taxes and fees on mango export so as to increase its competitiveness and reduce cost of air transport and study the possibility of using sea ports.
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Mango; competitiveness; international markets; policy analysis matrix; DRC; CIC; IVA