Water Purification Using Moringa Seeds

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Mohammed, Mona Osman Elawad
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University of Khartoum
Moringa oleifera has been compared to alum in its effectiveness at removing suspended solids from turbid water, but with a major advantage, because it can be produced locally, the effectiveness of the seeds may vary from one raw water to another. This study was conducted at water treatment plant in Elmugran to assess water purification using moringa seeds in the period from November 2008 to May 2009. Forty five samples of water were collected from White Nile. Design: experimental study. Setting: in Elmugran water treatment plant Objective: To assess water purification using moringa seeds . Methods : Physical analysis; - Jar test (VELP) scientificaNTU. `` - 2100 N Turbidity meter (HACH) The moringa seeds was crushed. The seed powder was mixed with small amount of clean water to form a paste. The paste was diluted to the required strength before using it (Dosing solutions could be prepared from 1% to 2% concentration, e.g.1g/l to 2 g/l.). *Turbidity was measured before and after the jar test. * Doses were Measured. *The results were compared with aluminum hydroxide Results :. The optimum dose of the mixture of moringa and PAC is 28mg/l. The optimum dose (4.9 NTU) of moringa seeds is 180mg/l . Conclusion : poly aluminum chloride needed doses are very small compared to moringa doses. Moringa seeds are effective in water purification there was residual turbidity (4.9NTU). One percent concentration of moringa has not effect on turbidity, while 2%concentration reduced turbidity. There is no change in smell and taste even in high dose 240 mg/l. Better results were achieved using filtered solutions compared to unfiltered solution. Moringa seeds have no effect on PH in all samples. Recommendations : Application of plant flocculants such as Moringa oleifera is highly recommended for domestic water purification in developing countries.
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Water Purification; Moringa Seeds