Low Birth Weight {Lbw} Among The New- Born At Omdurman Maternity Hospital

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NourEldeen, Seham
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This hospital-based study was conducted at Omdurman Maternity Hospital from ١١March to ١٢ April ٢٠٠٤ in Omdurman city. The purpose was to study the low birth weight (LBW) among the new-born. ١٨٧ new-born infant with low birth weight were taken as a study sample. They belonging to ١٧٢ mothers since ١٥ mothers had a set of twin birth. The١٨٧ infant were among ١٣٤٠ new-born. The tools of data collection consist of a questionnaire and, focus group discussion. The collected data was analyzed using personal computer using the SPSS package. The literature reviewed for the study-involved materials written about low birth weight including birth weight, factor associated with it, low birth weight and infant mortality and morbidity, and means of prevention of low birth weight. The study results were represented in tables and figures, and it revealed that the low birth weight rate was (١٤٫٠٥٪). Educational level of mothers was low. Most of studied mothers were at the age group of ٢٠-٢٥ years. The nutritional status of the mothers during the last pregnancy was inadequate (٢٦٪) of them indicate that it is poor than routine intake and (٤٠٪) had ordinary daily intake. The majority of them (٧٧٫٤٪) had infections such as malaria. ٩٠٪ of them followed antenatal care during the last pregnancy; most of them had ٣-١٠ visits. Also, (٣٨٫٩٪) of mothers had previous infants with low birth weight. Their knowledge about low birth weight and its causes and prevention was poor (٧٧٫٩٪) did not know how they prevent the low birth weight and only (٤٠٪) believe they know the causes. (٧٦٫٧٪) of deliveries were normal, and (٣٠٪) of them were pre-term delivery. (٣٦٫٦٪) of new-born were of their first conception. No one of the mothers was smoker, alcoholic or drug addiction. The study concludes by outlining a set of conclusions and recommendations.
Low Birth Welght,Omdurman Maternity