Sorghum Gluten Feed (SGF) for Goats

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Adhuong Kuc, Jok
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Eighteen male Sudan Nubian goat kids were used in a feedlot performance and digestibility trial. The grains (Sorghum-Feterita) 10 %, Wheat bran 27%, Ground nut hulls 25%, limestone 2% and common salt 1% as basic feed mixture. The nitrogen supplements to conventional feed were derived from cottonseed cake (CSC) 35% sorghum gluten feed (SGF) 35%. The dietary treatment groups were cake 35% (A), sorghum gluten feed 35% (B) and cotton seed cake and sorghum gluten feed constituting 17.5% each (C). The kids were stratified according to body weight into three comparable groups which were then randomly assigned to the three dietary treatments (A, B and C). The animals fed diet A had lower dry matter intake (490 g per day) than those on diets B (583 g/d) and C (690 g/d). The animals fed diet A gained (67 g/d) more (P<0.05) than those on diets B(55g/d) or C(52g/d). The animals on diet A were more efficient .in food conversion (7.3 kg feed/kg gain) than those on diet B (10.6 kg feed /kg gain) and C (12.0 kg feed/kg gain). The dry matter (DM) and nitrogen free extract (NFE) digestibility coefficients were significant (P<0.05) for animals fed diet A whereas crude protein and ether extract digestion coefficients were significantly higher (P<0.05) for animals fed diet C. The total digestible nutrients (TDN) were 57.98, 47.24 and 49.28, respectively, for diets A, B and C. The empty body weight, hot carcass weight and cold carcass weight were not significantly (P>0.05) different among treatments. The fore feet, lungs and trachea and kidneys were significantly heavier in animals fed diet B than for those fed the other two diets. The total carcass bone was significantly greater for animals fed diet C than for those fed diets A or B. Also the total fat was significantly higher for animals fed diet B compared to those fed diets A or C. The animals fed diet A had the highest lean: bone ratio (9.5) than those on diets B (8.0) and C (8.4).
Sorghum ,Gluten Feed,Goats