Alternative Wick-Type Solar Still Designs

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Manahil Zaki, Abdel Wahab
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The purpose of the work described is to make a contribution towards a development of the Wick-Type Solar Still. Five units of wick-type solar still with different geometrical configurations have been constructed for this purpose. These units included one portable unit and four stationary units: the alternative unit, (which is the main object of this study), the totally preheated unit, the partially preheated unit and the double-glazed unit. The latter three units are considered to be distinctive modified designs of the alternative stationary unit in which different techniques have been employed with the object of improving the performance of the alternative stationary unit. The experimental measurements on the performance of these stills were conducted and measured performance was compared. The superiority of the alternative still to other stills has been confirmed. We verified that this still has the highest productivity of any of the stills constructed and tested during the testing period.
Alternative Wic;,Type Solar, Still, Designs