The Problems that Affect English Language Teaching in SecondarySchools in Northern Sudan

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Rasha Seif Eldeen, Gibreel
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The research problem is the problems that affect English Language teaching in secondary schools . The research has covered the problems of expansion of secondary schools , qualification and training of teachers , implementation of ‘ Spine ‘ and the methods of teaching English . The study aims at identifying the actual problems that affect ELT in secondary schools and trying to suggest solutions for these problems to develop ELT through raising the standard of English . The significance of the research is represented in improving the process of ELT and considering the importance of EL in this period . The researcher has adopted the descriptive method for conducting the study . The data used in this study are taken from the questionnaire which was designed and distributed to the sample of the research . The results of the questionnaire were arranged and analyzed according to the statistical procedures . These were represented by using Chi – Square Test . The main findings of the study were as follows :- 1 - Expansion of Education has negative impact on both students in the classroom and teachers . 2 – The programmes of Training are not effective . 3 – The syllabus of English needs clear aims . 4 – There are many factors influencing the methods of teaching English. The researcher has formulated some recommendations , based on the research results .The recommendations are the followings :- 1 – Finding effective ways and means for improving the process of ELT in the Sudan especially in the secondary schools . 2 – Expansion of Education should be organized . 3 – The importance of the continuous training for teachers at secondary schools . 4 – Qualification and training of teachers should be developed . 5 – The objectives of Spine should be more clear . 6 – Teaching methods should be revised
Northern Sudan, Secondary Schools, English Language Teaching