The Role of NGOs in Health Service Provision for the Displaced around Khartoum The case of the SCC’s Primary Health Care Program in Jebel Aulia (1995-2002)

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Yagoub, Mohammed Balah
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University of Khartoum
Taking Sudanese Council of Churches Primary Health Care Program in Jebel Aulia as a case study, this thesis aims at investigating the role of NGOs in providing health services for the displaced around Khartoum, Displacement phenomenon grows and accelerated during the past two decades. Those increasing displaced made pressure on health services in Khartoum state .The government was unable to provide the necessary health care for those displaced and Non governmental Organizations started to play a vital role in improving health status of the displaced. The research uses a case study methodology to investigate the problem. It depends on primary and secondary data. Primary data consists of direct observation and interviews while the secondary data cover data collected from books, journals, SCC annual reports and research papers on the subject. The major findings of the study are that, SCC primary health care program has contributed effectively to the promotion of the health status of the displaced in the Jebel Aulia Camp. The program could be considered as a pioneer effort in improving health conditions in the area. Despite this success the program had faced number of constraints that limited its effectiveness. Some constraints are related to SCC; SCC staff workload is so heavy that it hampers proper work performance. Additionally SCC lack of financial resources constitutes major problems. Constraints related to partner NGOs; some times the programs are terminated despite the need for them. Constraints related to government; government administering drug distribution increases drugs costs and sometimes contributes to drug scarcity and relocation of the displace disturbances the targeting. To avoid these problems the program needed to be supported with the necessary needs such as drugs, staff training and transportation facilities to guarantee the smooth running of the work .SCC staff and community efforts need to be integrated for a deeper understanding of the concept of preventive health.
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Health Service; Displaced; Khartoum state; United Nation Children Fund; Jebel Aulia