Drip Irrigation System Performance- A Case Study – Oumdom Farm

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Osman, Nazar Ahmed Abdalla
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This study was conducted at the Farm of the Arab Company for Agriculture and Processing (Sudan). LTD, at Oumdom area with the objective was to evaluate the performance of the drip irrigation system which introduced and installed for production of vegetables for export. The study included soil physical analysis, infiltration rate, field capacity, permanent wilting point and available water. Variables tested were uniformity of distribution, emitters discharge rate, depth of water applied, volume of water applied, duration of irrigation, discharge variations and drop, variation and loss of pressure and water loss. Crop grown was Tomato. Reference crop evapotranspiration was calculated and crop water was required accordingly. The study showed that Oumdom scheme is dominated by sandy clay loam soil with a relatively high infiltration rate which suits the drip system. Also the result showed that the distribution efficiency (83.3%) obtained was relatively high and the water applied to the crop was higher than the crop water requirement. The actual irrigation practice adopted at the site does not follow any prescribed pattern because the volume of application depth was merely based on visual assessment. The irrigation set time should be in daily frequency of one hour. The discharge and pressure variation on the main, submain and lateral lines within the allowed variation of standard design of the drip irrigation system
Oumdom Farm,Drip Irrigation System