Shear in Reinforced Concrete Beams with Special Attention to Web Reinforcement

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El Nour Abd El Razig, El Tayeb
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Reinforced concrete beams with and without web reinforcement are analyzed by using the normal concepts of shear accepted in ideal, isotropic and elastic bodies suitably modified to combine a simultaneous action of the steel and the concrete. The interactions of shear together with some other structural actions are presented. Also simplified analytical solutions and semi-empirical equations for the design of shear are hence produced. Tests for both static applied loads and repeated cyclic loading (dynamic) are presented, in which the phenomenon of diagonal tension cracking are studied. The results clearly demonstrate that vertical stirrups not only carry chear by themselves, but under progressive diagonal cracking, they inhibit the growth of the diagonal cracks and contribute largely the shearing strength. Dynamic loadings demonstrate that the stiffness of the member is being continuously reduced during the test until eventually serious cracks are developed and a complete failure takes place. However some designers in the Sudan are skeptical about nominal web reinforcement and go as far as omitting it in beam designs. The results of this research demonstrate that such a trend is not justifiable and it is recommended that it should not be encouraged in design. Undoubtedly web reinforcement is an essential feature in any r.c. beam, which should be tackled with care so as to keep the amount of steel and its distribution at the minimum level.
Shear, Reinforced Concrete, Beams, Special Attention, Web Reinforcement