CAN Bus Servomotor Control

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Abdallah, Osman
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Generally any control system can be classified as open-loop or close-loop {feedback}. The most common type of control systems used in process and security control is the feedback control since. Feedback control is implemented by making a continuous monitoring of the controlled output in order to generate a control signal causing the system to move towards the desired operating point. The need of continuous monitoring makes it necessary to introduce standard models for communication between system components {controllers, sensors, actuators}. One of these communication protocols is the Controller Area Network protocol {CANBUS} which we introduce in this project. This project aims to built monitoring and control system for a DC servomotor machine using the CANBUS protocol.
The main objective of this project is to implement monitoring and control system for a DC-motor unit using the CANBUS protocol, where the monitoring and control device is a PC.
CAN,Bus,Servomotor,Control, University,Khartoum