The effect of grapefruit peel (Citrus paradisi) on faba bean beetle Bruchidius incarnatus (Boh.) (Coleoptera: Bruchidae)

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Abuaglh, Muaz Abuaglh Abdallah
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This work was conducted in Khartoum of University ,Faculty of Agriculture to study the effect of grapefruit peel (powder and water exract) on faba bean beetle (Bruchidius incarnatus(Boh). Fourty grammes of faba bean seeds were treated with 5 gms, 10 gms and 15 gms of grapefruit peel powder in bottle glasses together with 5 pairs (male and female) of the bean beetle Bruchidius incarnatus (Boh) in each bottle. Another set of 4 Petri dishes were treated with 2.5% 5% and 10% water extracts of the grapefruit peel. Untreated bottles and Petri dishes were left for control. The peel powder affected the insect mortality in a concentration dependant mannar i.e mortality increased with the increase of the peel powder concentration. The peel powder also decreased fecundity of the insect i.e the number of eggs decreased with the increase of the powder concentation. Hachability of the deposited eggs also decreased in the same array. The results obtained of the water extract of the grapefruit peel showed the same effects on the insect mortality , fecundity and hatchability as in the powder form. It is concluded that grapefruit peel has an insecticidal effect on the faba bean beetle Bruchidius incarnatus (Boh).
June 2006
faba bean