Vehicle Tracking System

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Tag Alsir, Tyseer Mohamed
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University of Khartoum
A vehicle tracking system, which can efficiently monitor and control the vehicles, is emerging in many (Integrated Transport Information Systems)/( Intelligent Vehicle/Highway Systems) ITS/IVHS-related areas. GIS and GPS technology linked with means of wireless communication are essential to the system determining the vehicle location. It is required to have a technique to handle the huge amount of spatial data entailed in a digital road map in order to trace the accurate position and condition within a reasonable time. Methodology: The simulation is done in three stages. The first stage is for simulation of logging of the data, the second stage is for simulation of transmission of this data and the third stage is for simulation of displaying of this data. Results: The result that is got from these three stages are: from the first stage after logging the data of fuel, oil and temperature to the microcontroller, it is saved into its RAM, the microcontroller adds another data to complete the frame to be ready for transmission by the second stage. From the second stage this frame and data from the GPS receiver are transmitted to the control center. Finally, the received frame and GPS data are analyzed in the third stage, the analysis is done by extraction of data of Fuel, Oil and Temperature from other unneeded data for displaying in the frame, also GPS data is analyzed, since it is received as a sentence and this sentence needs to extract the position and the speed from it. After that this data is displayed in a digital map. Conclusion and Recommendation: Simulation was made instead of the actual design, since the electronics components are not available to design the PCB card, and the GPS receiver and the digital map are expensive. This project may be designed really if these components are available.
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Vehicle,Tracking System;Triangulation ; Vehicle Tracking System; Wireless;Global Positioning System