Effect of Recycling Process on Some Important Paper Properties

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Arbab, May Mutwaly Mohammed
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University of Khartoum
This study analyzes the physical and mechanical properties (grammage, density, tensile strength, burst Strength and shrinkage) of waste paper, with and without de-inking agent (NaOH), to explore the efficiency of recycled paper. Experiments were performed on four samples consisting of two A4 office waste samples (one with de-inking and one without de-inking) and two samples of exam note book (one with de-inking and one without de-inking). Weight of each sample was 250 gm. Results, obtained from measurements showed that the four samples were within the standard grammage range (60-90 gm/m2). The de-inking process lowered the density of paper by 4% for A4 office waste and 0.2% for exam note book, improving the strength and quality of paper. De-inking agent increased burst strength by 17% for A4 office waste and 1% for exam note book; it also increased tensile strength by 13% for A4 office waste and 10% for exam note book. Paper shrinkage rate was less than 20% for all samples. It can be concluded that de-inking makes recycled paper more efficient.
Paper Properties, Recycling Process