Nutritional Status of the Preschool Children in Elobied Town, Sudan

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Mohamdani, Sara Abd Elmonaeim Mustafa
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This study was conducted to determine the nutritional status of the under five (3-5) preschool children. The study includes both sexes at Elobied Town, North Kordofan State. Questionnaire distribution method was adopted to collect the primary information of this study by selection of 100 children, from each 10 and 6 governmental and private preschools respectively. Data was analyzed by using height, weight and age measurements as well as regression analysis to determine the relationship between weight for height, weight for age and height for age as dependent variables, and economical, social, health and nutritional requirements for growth, as independents variables. Data analysis results using the measures of height, weight and age showed that there is no acute malnutrition case. This was done by comparing the loss of the weight to height (75% normal, 20% mild and 5% medium), while the loss of the height for age (90% normal, 7% mild and 3% medium) whereas the loss of the weight for age (91% normal, 5% mild and 4% medium). The result also revealed that 99% of the sampled children consumed more than the recommended amount of protein, most of it from plant sources, and 60% of them consumed less than the recommended energy. The results showed that the variable of height for age was of negative relation with the variables of mother education, diarrhea episodes and percapita income and of positive relation with family size, calorie intake and nutritional awareness of the mother. The results also indicated that the weight for height variable was of negative relation with family size and of positive relation with calorie intake and percapita food expenditure variable. Moreover, it was found that the weight for age was negatively related with diarrhea episodes and education of the mother.
May 2006
Elobied Town, Sudan