The Biochemical Characteristics of Campylobacter Jejuni Isolated From Sudanese Children with Diarrhea

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University of Khartoum
Campylobacter jejuni is one of the most common pathogens causing bacterial gastroenteritis world wide. This study aims to isolate C. jejuni from Sudanese children below 5 years of age suffering from diarrhea. As well as to characterize protein profile of C. jejuni and to detect antigen antibody response. To evaluate the socioeconomic and hygienic factors associated with the infection. One hundred Sudanese children with acute diarrhea referred to Albolok Children Hospital, Omdurman out patients- clinic were included in this study. The study was carried out from 2004-2006. Males were 52 (52%) and females were 48 (48%). Fecal samples were collected and a questionnaire was filled by child's parents. In this study, culture of C. jejuni was used as the gold standard method. Protein profile was studied using SDS-PAGE. For Western immunoblotting RecomLine Campylobacter IgG/IgA (MIKROGEN) kit was used to detect antibodies against MOMP(46KDa), PEB4 (31KDa) ,PEB2 (27KDa), PEB1 (28KDa), OMP18 (18KDa) antigens. The sera of 22 children, males 17(78.63%) and females 5 (22.72%) were examined. Nineteen (19%) cases were C. jejuni positive culture and out of these 12 (66.66%) positive culture cases were below two years of age. There is significant association between C. jejuni infection and age (p<0.05), and social class (P< 0.05). There was no significant association between C. jejuni infection and water supply (P> 0.05), electricity availability (P> 0.05), presence of domestic animals (P> 0.05) and gender (P> 0.05). Protein profile was studied using SDS-PAGE showed major protein bands at (43Kda) 45Kda (67KDa )and (94KDa). Seropositivity using Western immunoblotting technique showed . C.jejuni specific IgG positive was 16(77.72%) and 8(36.30%) were IgA positive. Most Sudanese children acquire the C. jejuni infection in the first two years of age.
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Biochemical Characteristics, Campylobacter Jejuni,Sudanese, Children;genus campylobacter;Clinical expression;collection of specimen;Principles