Orthophoto Generation Using Photogrammetric Resection and Point Intersection

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Omer, Abubakr Hassan
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The main objective of this research was generating an orthophoto from digital aerial images. Specific objectives were: determining exterior orientation parameters for digital aerial images and determining three-dimensional ground coordinates using collinearity condition equations. In this research the iterative solution was used to solve the collinearity condition equations to determine the exterior orientation parameters and the three-dimensional coordinates. The data used in this research were a digital areal image for Bahri industrial area and some ground control points. The methodology used a matlab to achieve the following:- Inputting digital images, reading image coordinates, determining initial values of exterior orientation parameters, solving space resection problem to compute the exterior orientation parameters, determining the standard deviation errors to evaluate the result, and solving the space intersection to compute the three dimensional object coordinates for some selected points. The coordinates of the same points were determined using real time GPS and the results were compared with their corresponding computed values. The three-dimensional coordinates were used to generate a contour map from the GPS data and Photogarmmetric data. The ERDAS software was then used to generate an orthophoto for the overlap area. The obtained 𝑅𝑀𝑆𝐸 in 𝑋 and 𝑌 direction were found to be ±0.571 𝑚 and ± 0.558 𝑚 respectively.
Orthophoto, Photogrammetric Resection, Point Intersection