The Influence of Storage on Quality Aspects of Some Locally Processed Fruit Juices Drinks

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El Tom, Najla Mousa Abdel Gader
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This study is carried out in order to make physical, chemical and microbial evaluation, for three types of natural fruit drinks, namely, orange/carrot, mango and apple, produced by one of the Khartoum State Food Industry Companies and consequently their fitness to the quality specifications. In addition to microbial evaluation of their concentrates. The three types of drinks which are orange/carrot, mango, and apple were stored under room temperature and market condition for three, six and eight months. Moisture content, pH, total soluble solids, viscosity, titrable acidity, ascorbic acid, total sugars, reducing sugars and sucrose were determined. Results showed that there was significant difference between the two storage conditions compared to control. Some changes in physical and chemical properties were observed for the three types of drinks, where some parameters increased and others decreased. The effect of storage treatment was highly observed in case of vitamin C, where its values for control samples were 72.99, 72.50 and 66.98mg/100ml for orange/carrot, mango and apple drink. While, vitamin C contents after three months storage were 27.10, 25.2 and 28.63mg/100ml for orange/carrot, mango and apple, respectively (room temperature), but on market condition vitamin C contents were 26.26, 23.5 and 28.0mg/100ml for orange/carrot, mango and apple, respectively. Results of microbial analysis showed that no growth of coli form bacteria, yeasts and moulds was observed in all samples of the fruit drinks concentrates, indicating the absence of these microbes in the drinks prepared from these concentrates. The same results were observed in the stored samples. However, all stored samples showed some total viable Bacterial count. Concerning quality specifications, it was found that orange/carrot drink fulfill the standard specifications
Storage,Fruit Juices Drinks