The Impact of Mesquite Trees (Prosopis juliflora) on Farm Profit Case Study " New Halfa Agricultural Production Corporation" (NHAPC

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Musa, Mohammed Ibrahim
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This study was conducted to identify the impact of Mesquite tree on farm production in NHAPC through its effect on tenant's profitabillity and with emphasis on its impacts on productivity and cost of production. The population of study is represented by the tenants in NHAPC who practice farming within the NHAPC according to the adopted agricultural rotation. Both primary and secondary data were used. The secondary data was obtained from the reports and records of NHAPC, Forestry authority and Ministry of agriculture. The primary data is collected through a questionnaire designed for tenants. The descriptive and analytical methodology was applied on the primary data compiled by interviewing the tenants in the scheme area. It is obvious from the findings of the study that the NHAPC tenants faced the problem of existence and spread of Mesquite tree, which reduces tenant's profitability from the main crops in the agricultural rotation (Cotton- Wheat- Durra and Groundnuts). The means adopted in controlling the tree and the attempts to limit its spreading are mostly manual. In addition agricultural extension services, whereby the tenant could get the information relevant for dealing with the tree, were abscent. The study recommended the necessity of coordination between NHAPC and Agricultural Research and Technology Corporation ARTC in order to find the best methods for administering Mesquite tree and controlling it, and encourage the undertaking of integrate economic, social and environmetal studies for the tree.
Mesquite Trees,