The Hypoglycemic Effect Of Cinnamomum Verum (Elgerfa) In Rats

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Faroug, Dalal
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This study tested the anti-diabetic and hypoglycemic effect of the Cinnamon which is available in Sudan. Cinnamon is use in so many countries for treatment of bacterial and fungal disease, cold influenza and as antioxidant agent. Recently people discovered that Cinnamum cassia induced hypoglycemia in patient with type2 diabetes mellitus. C.cassiais closely like C. verum(the species found in Sudanese markets). This study was carried out in Wister albino rats. In experiment (1), the rats were divided into three groups A, B and C; each group consisted of six rats. The serum glucose level of all rats (A, B and C) was measured at 0h after 18 hour fasting then they were injected with glucose solution 50% concentration to induce hyperglycemia. Group B after glucose load was treatedorally with Glibenclamide as standard drug. Group C which was also hyperglycemic rats was treated orally with C. verum(1g/kgBwt), then the plasma glucose level was measured after 1, 2 and 4h. In experiment (2): Normoglycemicfasting rats were divided into two groups D and E, each group consisted of six rats. After 18 hours fasting glucose level of both group (D and E) was measured at 0h. Then the rats of group D received orally C. verumin dose of 1g/kgBwt while rats of group E were untreated control group. Then serum glucose level of both groups was measured at hour 1, 2 and 4. Experiment 1 showed that Glibenclamide lowered significantly serum glucose level at hour 1, 2 and 4 when compared to control group xi while C. verumlowered significantly serum glucose level at hour 2 and nonsignificantly at hour 4. Experiment (2) showed administration of C. verumto normoglycemic rats lowered significantly serum glucose level at hour 4 (P≤0.01) and nonsignificantly at hour 1 and 2. This experiment showed that Cinnamum sp which found in all market in Sudan has antidiabetic and hypoglycemic effect in hyperglycemic rats. Also the same dose has hypoglycemic effect in normoglycemic rats.