Application of Globally Harmonized System For Classification and Labeling of Chemicals In Giad Industrial City

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Abdalrahem, Abubakr Abdalla Basheer
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University of Khartoum
The Objectives of the research is to study the possible application of international recommendations made by the (GHS) to classify the chemicals in Giad Industrial City, in addition to design an appropriate easy understandable labels, prepare complete materials safety data sheets (MSDSs), as well as providing data for those selected substances to start a pilot safety system serving as a nucleus for the preparation of a complete safety system in Giad Industrial City. The methodology followed by the study starts by identifying those chemicals normally utilized in Giad factories, review their available (MSDS) and selecting those which serve as reference materials for the study. The procedure include the extraction of classification requirements as stipulated in the (GHS) , collecting data on the selected materials from a qualified and relevant sources and then applying the (GHS) classification criteria for each material . The results of the classification revealed the existence of different hazard levels including one carcinogenic , six toxic , eight skin corrosive and an eye damage materials, one flammable liquid, five respiratory sensitizer materials, two acute hazards to the aquatic environment, four gases under pressure, two flammable gases, and five non hazardous materials. The study recommended the establishment of an emergency and poison centre in Giad Industrial City, establishment of a first aid unit in each 8 factory in addition to the application of the labeling and (MSDSs) and its translation to Arabic language. Safety training courses for the concerned staff are also recommended. It is of atmost importance to acquire relevant standard documents and articles as recommended by United Nations namely (UN Manual of tests and criteria) witch represents the main reference for (GHS) classification, and the software (Chemges) which provides important information on chemical safety.
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Application,Harmonized System,Classification, Labeling,Chemicals;companies;Key Guiding; Principles;Flammable Gases;Oxidizing Gases;Oxidizing Liquids;Substances Corrosive