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Abdul Gayoum, Mujahid
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The anti-diabetic and hypoglycemic effects of P.ansium, which is used traditionally world wide for the treatment of several disease were studied. The effect of the plant on the plasma glucose, total protein, albumin, bilrubin, cholesterol, triglyceride ,enzyme (GOT, GPT and alkaline phosphatase) and concentrations of N+ and K+ were evaluated in diabeticand normal rats. Adult male Wister albino rats were usedin the present work. The diabetes was induced by injection of streptozotocin. The experiment extended over three weeks .Rats were divided into four groups each group consisted of 6 rats : Group A was control group and contained normal rats , fed rat diet only (63g/day), Group B contained normal rats fed P.anisumpowder which replaced 15% of diet to examine the P.anisumeffects on normal rats, Group C contained diabetic induced rats fed diet only (63g/day) and Group D contained diabetic induced rats fed P.anisumpowder which replaced 15% of rat's diet to examine the effects of feeding P.anisumon diabetic rats. The addition of 15% of P.anisumto the diet lowered significantly the plasma glucose level of diabetic rats at 0,1,2,3 h after overnight fasting when compared with diabetic fed diet only. The feeding of P.anisumto normal rats, lowered the glucose level at 2h and elevated it significantly at 3h butthe difference was small. The feeding P.anisumhad no significant effect on plasma total protein, albumin, GOT, GPT , alkaline phosphatase , cholesterol , triglyceride, bilrubin, N + and K + concentrations in both normal and diabetic rats .Thus it could be concluded that P.anisumis unlikely to be toxic. It was noticed in this study, that the induction of diabetes in rats by ix streptozotocin caused significant elevation of plasma glucose level ,cholesterol and urea ; and lowered significantly plasma albumin , triglycerides and the body weight but the induced diabetes had no significant effect in plasma total protein ,GOT,GPT, alkaline phosphatase, bilrubin creatinine , Na + or K + Therefore ,it can be concluded P.anisumis promising antidiabetic agent and could be used to lower hyperglycemia in diabetic patient.
ANISUM,HYPOGLYCAEMIC,abnormality , glucose, toleranc