Investigation of Air Pollution in Port Sudan City Due to Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) Exhaust Emissions from Stationary Diesel Generators

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Ayik, Aban Arop Yor
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The main objective of this study is to investigate air pollution in Port Sudan city due to nitrogen oxides (NOx) exhaust emissions from stationary diesel generator units located in certain areas of Port Sudan city (areas east city, Port Sudan harbor, eastern parts of city center and the National Electricity corporation station-Station A). This objective is achieved by measuring nitrogen oxides concentration in exhaust emissions from diesel generator units and estimating nitrogen oxides emission rates. Nitrogen oxides concentrations are measured using a single gas exhaust gas analyzer (the Kane Auto 1-NOx gas analyzer) and measurements are taken directly from the exhaust pipes of the diesel engines driving the generator. Nitrogen oxides emission rates are calculated in g/kWh using United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S EPA) test method no.19 which is used for determination of sulphur dioxide removal efficiency and particulate matter, sulphur dioxide, and nitrogen oxides emission rates. Calculated nitrogen oxides emission rates are then compared with U.S EPA emission standards for stationary compression ignition engines. Many diesel generators are found exceeding standards and Chinese type single cylinder type of generators together with diesel generators located in station (A) of the National Electricity Corporation are found to have the highest NOx emissions. Future works on pollution problems encountered in Port Sudan are recommended.
Investigation,Air,Pollution, Due,Nitrogen Oxides,Exhaust Emissions, Stationary Diesel Generators