Some Aspects of Rural Indigenous Chicken Raising in the Gezira State, Sudan

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A survey was conducted in four randomly selected villages in the Gezira State in central Sudan. One hundred households were randomly chosen to answer a closed-ended questionnaire. Data on production parameters, constraints to indigenous poultry keeping and the physical and chemical compositions of crop contents of adult scavenger chicken were collected. The survey indicated that very few indigenous chicken existed in the study area, with flock size range of 6-10 birds per household. Egg production ranged between 40 and 60 eggs per bird per year. Disease outbreaks, specially New Castle, caused high mortality rate during summer. Lack of veterinary services, diseases and death of chicks were the most cited problems that constrained poultry keeping in the study area. Daily crude protein consumption was below the recommended requirements, and, therefore, protein supplementation is recommended so as to improve the dietary status of scavenger local chicken
Page(s):12 (2), 277-286, 15 Ref.