The Environmental and Economic Constraints of Food Security in the Sudan Case Study-North Darfur State

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Bahaa Eldein Guma Haroon, Hassan
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The purpose of this study is to investigate the environmental and economic constraints of food security in north Darfur state. To achieve such purposes, a questionnaire and structured interviews were conducted. Also millet and sorghum demand and supply functions were derived and the substitution rate of goat by millet or sorghum was analyzed. This covered the period 1990-2003. regression and correlation techniques as well as descriptive statistics were applied to primary and secondary data which were collected through field survey in north Darfur State (2004-2005) using multistage simple random sampling techniques. Results of the study items analysis implied that most of the respondents are within the productive age, their average annual expenses exceed their average annual income and did not receive any supports from others. Also this analysis revealed that most of them are farmers and own farms and animals, but they enjoy less than 25% degree of self sufficient to food crops due to several effective constraints concerned with food crops production and buying i.e. most of respondents suffer chronic food insecurity. This study reveals also through the environmental characteristics analysis that pests, drought, tree cutting, lack of pastures, water shortage, spread of disease, fire and desertification simultaneously with civil war constraints hinder household in the study area to have a real food security achievement. The analysis of millet and sorghum demand and supply functions verified the importance of government intervention in the local market to maintain market mechanism deviations towards household interest to achieve a real food security. Ultimately, this study recommended that great attention should be given to security situations, agricultural credit, agricultural extension services, storage facilities, job opportunities, social services, government environmental and social policies, food security institutions and the means of food crops production and marketing
Environmental,Economic, Constraints,Food Security,North Darfur State