Effect of Sewage Water on the Performance of Two Sorghum Forage Cultivars

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Almansour, Abdulrahim
Elsadig, Eltom
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An experiment was conducted in a farm at Soba Alhila, Khartoum, to investigate the effect of untreated sewage water on growth, weight and quality of two forage sorghum cultivars (Abu Sabein and Pioneer). The treatments were 100% sewage water, 75% sewage water with 25% pure water, 50% sewage water with 50% pure water, 25% sewage water with 75% pure water and 100% pure water. The treatments were arranged in a completely randomized design with four replications. The results showed that all growth attributes, fresh and dry weight per plant increased with increase in the ratio of sewage water in the irrigation water. Pioneer significantly exceeded Abu Sabein in plant height, stem thickness, leaf area, fresh weight per plant and dry weight per plant, but the difference in the number of leaves per plant between the two cultivars was not significant. Crude protein increased and crude fiber decreased with the increase in sewage water percentage
Sewage water; Pure water; Sorghum forage, Pioneer