Screening for Recovery Resistance in Grain Sorghum to the Spotted Stem Borer (Chilo partellus)

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Laoata, T.B.M.
Bashir, N.H.H.
Nwanze, K.F.
Mohamed, A.B.
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Faculty of Agriculture, University of Khartoum, Shambat, Sudan
Some Sudanese sorghum (Sorghum bicolor M.) accessions were screened at ICRISAT for recovery resistance to the spotted stem borer, Chilo partellus Swinhoe. More than 200 accessions were sown in the field under artificial C. partellus infestation. Based on visual evaluation for recovery after the stem borer damage, 32 lines were selected. Some of the characteristics, viz. number of tillers, plant recovery and tiller survival ability, which are important for recovery resistance, were investigated. Visual recovery rating was also established. The results showed highly significant differences between the lines regarding the studied parameters. Significant negative correlation (r =-0.62) was recorded between total number of tillers/plant and the recovery score. Also, the correlation coefficients between number of surviving tillers/plant and percent tiller survival with the recovery score were -0.75 and -0.64, respectively. The results indicated that both tillering capacity, expressed in total number of tillers, and tiller survival ability are important for recovery resistance. However, the influence of the latter was more pronounced as indicated by its highest correlation coefficient with the recovery score. Percent-recovered plants and percent tiller survival were not independent in expressing recovery resistance, and both can be used for that purpose.
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