Assessment Of The Effectiveness Of Institutional Linkages Between Agricultural Research And Extension Centeres In Khartoum State

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Zeinab Omer EL Nasri Hamza
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University of Khartoum
This study was conducted to assess the effectiveness of institutional linkages between agricultural research stations and the agricultural extension centers. A questionnaire was distributed among nineteen researchers and twenty-two Extensionists. The Extensionists comprised eight Federal Extensionists and fourteen State Extensionists. The study showed that: All researchers interviewed are MSc and PhD holders while only few Extensionists had MSc degree. Researchers had little involvement in various extension tasks and Extensionists had little involvement in various research tasks The majority of researchers described research-extension relationship as medium while all Federal Extensionists described research-extension relationship as non-existing and the majority of State Extensionists describe research –extension linkage as medium. Extensionists depend much on the Ministry of Agriculture in directing their work while researchers depend much on the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology in directing their work. The majority of researchers didn’t depend on suggestions from extension in directing their work. The major conclusion reached in this study is that the institutional linkages between research and extension were weak and the relation-ship between them depend on informal relation ship between researchers and Extensionists. It is therefore highly recommended that: Extensionists should have more funds for education opportunities. Permanent availability of extension worker at research station. Formalizing the relationship between research and extension through establishment of formal research-extension channels. Revise the managerial hierarchy of all parties concerned with a view of enhancing cooperation between them. Mutual respect and understanding to the role of each other through sensitivity training.
A thesis presented to the University of Khartoum in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the MSc (Agriculture) Degree in the field of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development.
Institutional Linkages agricultural research stations Agricultural Extension Centeres Khartoum State Extension and Rural Development University of Khartoum
Zeinab Omer EL Nasri Hamza, Assessment Of The Effectiveness Of Institutional Linkages Between Agricultural Research And Extension Centeres In Khartoum State. – Khartoum : University of Khartoum, 2005. - 136 P. : illus., 28 cm., M.Sc.