A Study On Egg Drop Syndrome 76 (Eds76) In Khartoum State

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Muhammad, Rihab
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The present work was carried out tostudy Egg drop syndrome in Khartoum State. The aims of the workare to collect field observations on the disease, to carryout serological survey to detect antibodies against the virus and to isolate and identify the virus. An outbreak of the disease occurred in different breeders in Khartoum State during the period of the study. Owners of many farms reported to the Soba CVRL. The age ofinfected birds were between 28-30weeks. The clinical signs were sudden drop at peak of egg production (the drop was 30%-45%), loss of colour of pigmented eggs, thin shelled eggs or soft shelled. The thin shelled eggs often have a rough sand-paper like texture or granular roughening ofthe shell at one end. The birds looked quite healthy. Trial was made to isolate the virus by inoculating chicken eggs, three passages were made in allantoic fluid in 10 days old chicken embryo. Forty five samples collected from15 cloacal swabs, 15 tissue samples (Oviductovaries-pouch shell) and 15 (intestine-oesophagus) samples. However, no virus was isolated. Serological examinations to detectantibodies against EDS 76 virus in some laying hens sera, and 31.7% positive sera were detected by (H1) test and 14.2% positive sera by ELISA technique.
Egg Drop, Syndrome,Khartoum State