the Protection of Copyright Under the Universal Copyright Convention and the Sudan Copyright Law

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Deshain,Eltayeb Abdalla
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University of Khartoum
Copyright Law is territorial at first, and later the protection of Copyright Law internationally was dealt with and sought in multilateral treatment, bilateral treatment and reciprocity. By the formulation of the Universal Copyright Convention in 1952, an International standard level of protection was fulfilled in the Union States. This study is prepared to show how the Sudanese Copyright and Neighboring Rights protection Act 1996 resemble and differ from the Universal Copyright Convention. Accordingly, this study is divided into four chapters: chapter one is an introductory chapter about the historical background of the Universal Copyright Convention and discusses the historical development of copyright protection. Chapter two deals with the protected works and rights under the Universal Copyright Convention .Chapter three deals with the question of protected works and rights under the Sudan Copyright and Neighboring Right protection Act 1996. Chapter four includes the formalities and lastly the conclusion and what would additionally suggested amendments
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Copyright Law;Sudan;Publication; literary congresses;Article; Berlin;American countries; Paris