Mobile Internet Protocol: Analysis and Simulation

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Atif Hamad Abd Alla, Hamad
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This project is a simplified trial to study some of the Mobile IP protocol features. This is a protocol that enables node mobility in the Internet. The aim of this project is to analyze the effect of the mobility overhead introduced by this protocol, on the performance parameters of the network on which the protocol is applied. Many different cases have been discussed. In each case different values are assigned to the various parameters that are related to the mobility overhead. A program is constructed to provide an analysis tool that is used to study the effect of the variation of the mobility overhead parameters values on some of the network performance parameters. The results of this program that are provided in the form of some graphs are then discussed in details. These graphs lead to the conclusion that the application of the Mobile IP protocol will have a little impact on the performance of the network. In addition, this protocol has many attractive features. As a result, the Mobile IP protocol can be considered as an optimum solution to the node mobility over the Internet
Mobile, Internet ,Protocol, Analysis , Simulation