Planning Technical Education in the Sudan “A Critical Assessment”

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Bakri Omer, Habib
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The research investigates the process of planning technical education in the Sudan, within the context of national development plans (1960 -2002) and the executive policy of higher technical education. The research presents critical assessment of national and higher education planning machinery, education sector analysis, the functioning of the executive administrations and the technical institutions. A descriptive-historical method is adopted, depending on secondary and primary data from government and private institutions. Although specialized and well-structured machinery exists the research findings indicate that, national planning suffered from administrative instability and lacked public participation. Duality characterizes the basic objectives of the National Council for Higher Education. It sponsors higher education besides diploma level technical education. The assessment emphasizes that the policies worked in disfavour of technical education and the quality of education did not satisfy standard criteria due to infrastructure shortages. Also it emphasized that the technicians cadre are not enrolled in the priority list of admission policies therefore nonacademic school and vocational training graduates are not admitted to the technical institutions. The private institutions absorbed only small proportion of the admitted students. Resource allocation and infrastructure development is directly affected by the institutional arrangements more financial commitment associated the administrative independence of technical institutions. In the light of the results, the research recommends stimulation of public participation in planning process, to form a national council for higher technical education, to terminate, gradually, the diploma programmes in universities and to found qualified new technical institutions, to hold a national conference for the assessment of technical education at secondary school level
Planning, Technical Education ,Sudan, Critical Assessment