Study of the Effect of Admixtures On Concrete Properties

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Mohammed, Abu Baker Ahmed
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In this study admixtures were used to increase the workability , the strength of concrete and to reduce the amount of cement content by adoption of water reducing admixtures which increase the workability and hence the strength is increased through reduction of water content . The experimental program was divided in two phases: first Preliminary studies on basic materials and the effect of recommended doses of admixtures on the properties of fresh and hardened concrete . Second phase is concrete testing program which contains four mixes: • Same Ordinary reference mix • Same Mix with admixtures to increase the workability • Same Mix with admixtures to reduce water content and hence increase the strength. • Same Mix with admixtures to reduce of the amount cement content. The results of Preliminary tests were carried out to ensure that the main constituents of concrete (cement, aggregates, water, admixture), are adequate and conforming with the requirements of the standards The results of Second phase indicated that admixtures can be used to: • Increases the workability of concrete (slump from 40 to 200 mm.) • Increase the strength by 11.6 % at 28 days. • Reduce the cement content not less than 14.7% compared with the reference mix.
Study,Effect,Admixtures, Concrete Properties