The Use of Locally Produced Lime for Clarification of Juice in the Cane Sugar Industry

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Zaeib, Mona Ghazi
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Juice purification using lime is a standard established practice in the sugar industry allover the world. In order to remove impurities from juice, the juice is treated mechanically, thermally and chemically. The main compound for chemical treatment is CaO in Association with flocculants (polymers), which precipitate the soluble salts and colloids in the juice as insoluble ones. In Sudan lime is imported to meet the demand of the growing sugar industry. So, the purpose of this study could be summarized in the following: 1) To assess the suitability of local lime for juice clarification. 2) To determine the effectiveness of the local lime mixed with polymers (PDADMAC, PAC) for juice clarification. 3) To identify and assess the factors affecting juice clarification. 4) To determine the optimum concentrations and conditions for juice clarification. In order to achieve the above objectives Elgunied Sugar Factory has been chosen to represent the sugar factories in Sudan. After comprehensive comparative study and laboratory research, it was found that the local lime is suitable for clarification process with and without polymers economically and practically. Since the removed turbidity reached 93.5%, the removed colour reached 2.7% when only the local lime is used in juice clarification, comparatively the imported lime removed 92.3% of the turbidity and 16.4% of the colour.