Impact of Uruguay Round on the Agriculture of the Sudan

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Elmahdi, Kamal Mohamed
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The study investigates the impact of the Uruguay Round Agreement on Agriculture (UR AoA) on the Sudan's agricultural production, consumption, and trade. A description of the GATT/ WTO and the impact of the UR on world agriculture are presented in this study. A theoretical framework of the likely effects of the UR AoA on the Sudan's agriculture is undertaken by this study. The demand and supply of the Sudan's major agricultural commodities were analyzed. Major crops examined were sorghum, wheat, groundnut, sesame, and cotton. Data used in this study were secondary data collected from official reports issued by government and private institutions. Analyses of data were carried our using model developed by FAO to obtain demand and supply projections. The result of this investigation is that the Uruguay Round is envisaged to have a positive effect on the value of the Sudan's agricultural exports while it has a negative effect on the value of its food imports due mainly to rising international real prices of the commodities. The Uruguay Round is anticipated to increase domestic production of exportable and import- competing commodities. Consumption of cereals and oilseeds is also projected to increase as a result of the Uruguay Round. The present pattern of the Sudan's agricultural and international trade policies are generally complying with the UR AoA, however, these policies should be monitored with care to cope with the on going change in the international trade environment.
Uruguay Round
University of khartoum