Economics Of Potato Production In Shendi Area

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Salman, Abubaker Abdelrahman
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Shendi has been promising area in production of potato in Sudan due to its ‎climatic condition and available natural resources. ‎ The overall objective of the study is to analyze the economics of potato ‎production in Shendi area. Specifically, the study intends to identify the major ‎constrains of the potato production, the main factors that affected potato ‎production cost, and to assess the profitability of potato. ‎ The study was based on a survey carried out in Shendi area during December ‎‎2004. The study sample was selected from farmers in Shendi area. The ‎secondary data were collected from many sources. Crop budget, in addition to ‎tabular as well as statistical tools and econometric analysis were used to analyze ‎the data through the course of the study. ‎ The study found that the sample farmers are homogenous and that about 83% ‎of them have the same socio-economic characteristics. ‎ Also the study found that experience of the farmers, number of irrigations, ‎amount of pesticides, size of finance and the total area are among main factors ‎affecting the potato productivity in Shendi area also the result showed that cost ‎of seeds, cost of fertilizer, cost of irrigation and productivity of potato are the ‎major factors affecting production cost. However, from the gross margin analysis ‎has been founded that seed cost, and irrigation cost are the main cost items, ‎moreover, potato production in Shendi area is found to be profitable. ‎ The study recommended the provision of the agriculture inputs at proper time ‎and reasonable prices, strengthens of extension services, optimizing cost, and ‎encouragement of crop exportation
September 2005