Construction Project Risk Management: Sudan

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Sharfi, Rasha Faroug Sharif Ahmed
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University of Khartoum
This thesis was aimed at addressing the issue of project risk management in detail and to find out its applicability and availability in the Sudanese construction industry. Risk management is a core discipline that assists managers at all levels to make correct and informed decisions. Risk management is a process for organised assessment and control of risks. It involves the identification, analysis and evaluation of the risks, and also the development of costeffective treatments for those risks. It applies to constructions projects and programs of all sizes. The research methods included the selection of research and theory relationship, research strategy and design, sampling procedure, literature review, basic theory exploration about the planning process and risk management stages and questionnaire, structured interviews to gather data based on companies in the Sudanese construction industry. The author came up with the conclusions that most of the Sudanese construction firms have no grasp of the risk management concept and therefore they have no clear ways in identifying or handling project risks, but they somehow manage their project risks by using informal approaches for risk management.
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Construction ,Project Risk Management,Sudan